Autumn Sunshine

I went out yesterday with a couple of pals from my Facebook group Starting point was Canary wharf, shooting around the sky scrapers here really makes you feel small, but at least the stormtrooper security guards didn’t bother us, I think partly due to the fact that none of us were carrying dslr’s. Using the smaller more discreet camera’s such as my Olympus OM-D  has so many advantages over the bulbous over weight dslr camera bodies, and not getting noticed by security is just one of them!

After debating over coffee on the next location, we ended up back on the tube up to Bank station and walking up the river into town. Up through Soho and to another coffee shop, this time the superb Milk Bar sister cafe to the famous Flat White coffee shop near Soho market. Streetphotography is turning me into a serious coffee head! I can’t possibly drink instant now!

A mooch around here and then up to Oxford St. via Regent St. Oxford St was manic as usual, with potential shots coming at you at 100 mph. I probably completed 2.5 laps of Oxford St in total on top of all the other plodding around, no wonder my bloody legs ache so much after these days out!

Any way pics…



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