Fluke, Fake or Straight Up?

Continuing with the flash experiments, I got this image a few nights ago in Soho. What do you think?….. Is it a Fluke, a Fake or Straight Up?….. Actually it is straight up, and a bit of a fluke!


Explore and Push Your Boundaries

Street Photography for me is about freedom and being able to push the boundaries of our personal comfort zones. For me I had the opportunity to explore my comfort zone limits this week. I usually shoot in the daylight hours, and I did manage to squeeze in a few hours, but this week I was going to see a fantastic exhibition at Tate Modern meaning my day would be shorter than usual.

My mojo was at a bit of a low, as we all go through at some point photographically speaking, and I figured this must be a way to get back on track. http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-modern/exhibition/william-klein-daido-moriyama Featuring the superb work of William Klien and Daido Moriyama.

It did the job, it was also almost dark outside, so I thought to myself this is the ideal time to try something new. Flash.

I was as usual shooting with the Olympus OM-D using my 30mm Sigma. ( after reading the various reviews and comparisons of the Sigma 30mm v Panny/Leica 25mm I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not worth spending the extra money (for me), and will keep the Sigma.) I also used the superb little flash unit that comes with the Olympus. After trying various settings I settled for 125th/f5.6/auto ISO/fill flash. I will experiment more when I have more time, but this seemed ok for now.

I was a little apprehensive to say the least, I have not worked this way before, and you can’t exactly escape the fact that you are taking someone’s photograph! In daylight things are much more anonymous, with flash you stand out like a sore thumb!…. This is right outside the comfort zone for me, and took some time to settle into it. I was choosing my subjects carefully too, hopefully the groups of girls I photographed weren’t going to beat the shit out of me! As I was getting braver, the time was getting the better of me and I had to go, next time out I’ll have longer and will experiment more and push My boundaries a little more.

Here’s a few pics….. next time you are out, push it a little…. you never know ’till ya try!