Zuiko 25mm Lens

I had (somehow) ended up with another EM-5 body, I intended it to be used as a spare but it has sat unused in the box. So I’m thinking what do I need that would be used, and could I do a swap for this body? I have been lusting after a 25mm in black for sometime but they are so pricey, I couldn’t justify the outlay. Ker-ching! lightbulb moment!

I am a member of a group on Facebook that is for buying/selling of Olly kit, so I stuck an add on there for anyone interested in a swap, lens for a body. It took a while, but eventually I struck up a dialogue and the deal was done.

The lens arrived a day late thanks to Royal Mail, (to be honest I have done lots of mailing lately and it’s the first time I’ve had any problems). Anyway I was due to be out and about in London the next day so it would be a good time to take it for a test ride.

The lens is light, compact and in black it is nicely discreet fitted to my EM-5. the focus ring is smooth and is quick to focus. The only downside for me is the lack of zone focusing distance scale markings, something which is on the 17mm and is very handy for street photography.

On AF it is lightning fast and super quiet, it’s also very sharp and gives a nice bookeh, although I’m an f8 kind of guy so not too interested in this.

Overall I’m very pleased with my swap, it will be a well used addition to my Olympus street kit.








2 responses to “Zuiko 25mm Lens

  1. I’m currently getting into street photography. I have a micro 4/3 camera and looking to buy my first prime lens. Would you recommend the Oly 25mm f1.8 for street photography? I currently have a zoom kit lens (14-42mm). Is there a better alternative out there that is not too pricey?


    Ron | Nearby Wanderer

    • Hi Ron, my personal favourites for street photography are the Zuiko 17mm f1.8 and the 25mm f1.8.
      The Zuiko lenses are fantastic but if your on a budget, and don’t mind manual/zone focus techniques then there are some great deals to be had on old Olympus legacy lenses. You just need a micro 4/3 adapter from Ebay. I have a 50mm and a 28mm they are very cheap to buy and are great fun to use.
      Hope this helps. Good luck. 🙂

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