Olympus E-M5 MkII Just released!

Yesterday, the 5th Feb, Olympus released the latest version of the innovative OMD E-M5 with the E-M5 MkII. First impressions look promising with some worthwhile improvements on the older version.

These include an improved version of the 5 axis stabilisation, a vari-angled, touch screen LCD, Hi res image upsizing to 40mp, and the now standard issue for new cameras….WiFi.

Olympus have re-designed the top plate too and added more customisation buttons for even more control. In the box it comes along with a re-designed flash unit which looks very functional with multi rotational movement, lending itself nicely to bounce flash photography. The video specs are very good too, although not 4k, the quality of the media I have seen is very good.

A link to the Olympus E-M5 Mkll  full specs page is HERE

I will hopefully be getting a try with this in the next few days so I will post further findings in a later post.

Image taken from WEX blog HERE






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