Yikes!… I forgot to fill this in didn’t I?….. Doh!

Anyway here goes….. This blog is about my experiences using the Four Thirds system of camera’s and lenses. Namely Olympus and the OM-D, and my chosen genre of photography which is ‘street’, with a little landscape thrown in.

I first started off using 4/3 kit for street photography with the lovely Panasonic GF1, it was and still is, a very capable, discreet camera, until you start pushing ISO levels, then at about 800 ISO, thing get a bit mushy. So I traded my GF and lenses for the Fujifilm X-100, a superb camera and and a fantastic combination of sensor and lens. Unfortunately for me, the AF is slow, even with firmware updates, and unless you are very deliberate and take a little time with your shots, you are going to miss a few. My style is very much ‘hit and run’ with street photography, and the frustration of missing some great images eventually got to me.

Enter the OM-D! wow!… a speed demon! I’m sold on this camera, the images it produces are fantastic, detailed and with beautiful colours. The speed it’s AF works at is the biggest deal closer for me, I really have no excuses for missing shots now, along with the 5 axis stabilization, I doubt I will use much else now.  Although I still love the X-100, and do still use it when the time is right, the Olly is my go-to camera, and with the new 4/3 lenses coming out all the time, I think it’s going to be the way forward.


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