First a little rant!

This blog replaces my old one – ‘bob rhodes photographer’ I’ve had to start this blog from scratch.

Reason? …. I bought the $10 personal domain with Google Blogger. Little did I realise that it only runs for one year (recently they made changes it the settings which allowed a box to be ticked, so that you can automate renewal every year).
Anyway my blog went off line I couldn’t figure out why, so I emailed Google and was informed it had expired. I could contact eNom, the company that now handles the domain.

I did, and here is their response.


Unfortunately the time that was allowed to have the domain renewed through Google has lapsed (expired: 6/30/2012). We will be glad to help you renew the domain; however I cannot extend the $10 per year renewal which Google was giving you.

Your domain will need to be moved into your own eNom account, which you may create for free at The cost today to renew the domain once it has been moved into your account will be $39.95 per year. You can renew for up to 10 years at this time.

This price is only valid for the first 29 days after the domain expires, if that time passes before you renew the domain there will be an additional $250.00 RGP fee + the $39.95 for the year of renewal to recover the domain. The status may change at any time now!!!!’

How nice!!…… almost four times as much/year!! and all because I wasn’t contacted by google to tell me my blog was up for renewal.

Am I going to pay it?……NO!!!! I’m starting another free one…… Kiss my arse eNom.