London Fashion Week S/S 2014

It has come around quick but this week saw the return of London Fashion Week, I was there on the first day, to grab some shots in the court yard at Somerset House. The weather was pretty awful but that did not deter the Fashionistas from turning out dressed to impress, as usual there was the varied looks, from very smart to the completely outrageous! All good though.

The camera I used was the Olympus OMD EM-5, I set on aperture priority and auto ISO, letting it do all the work, which it did as usual. As the weather was so dull and wet, I used the little pop up flash that comes with the Olly, this was just to give a bit of a lift and set to ‘fill’ mode. I’ve not really used this flash much before as I prefer to use natural light, but I’ve got to say I was happy with the way it worked and produced nice well lit images to which I have not had much to do in the way of post production, other than adding a little ‘punch’ in Lightroom and maybe converting some to black and white.

Lens wise, I did something I don’t normally do when street shooting, and that is bring more than one lens. My OMD is normally permanently attached to the lovely Zuiko 17mm f1.8, this is my ‘go-to’ lens for street shooting, but as there was a chance I might get into a catwalk show, I brought a few options to get some distance covered. I had the 45mm Zuiko f1.8, the Olympus 12-50 kit lens and the Lumix 45-200, which in real terms equates to 90-400!… that should do it.

So after ducking and diving the rain, here’s a few pics of the day….

LFW SS 2014-42

LFW SS 2014-41

LFW SS 2014-24

LFW SS 2014-18

LFW SS 2014-21

LFW SS 2014-37

LFW SS 2014-26

LFW SS 2014-32

LFW SS 2014-16

LFW SS 2014-38

LFW SS 2014 -47

LFW SS 2014 -48

LFW SS 2014-5

LFW SS 2014 -46

LFW SS 2014 -50

LFW SS 2014-10

LFW SS 2014 -49