Slowing Down

Recently,on the 2 out of the last 3 trips out shooting in London i’ve been getting frustrated with my results. Ok some days are better than others, but lately no days seem better than others!

What could be so wrong? I know the streets down there really well, was I to familiar? stuck in a rut? or just walking around missing the obvious? Hmm… I put my feelings out there on ‘tinternet looking for suggestions, it was suggested that I should slow down, take more time ¬†and observe. I must admit that I don’t tend to hang around, I don’t know why, it’s just how I walk…. fast (ish).

So was my objective this time out, slowwwww down take more in and observe the area I was in for a while. It was made easier to do due to the pissing down rain, so I was seeking shelter and staying around to see what came along.

I gotta say, it did make a difference, I got a couple of results. It seems that as I stuck around, ideas for different angles etc. popped into my thick head and the creative side got explored a lot more than if I was operating at my usual speed. So I think I will carry on exploring this technique, it is worth a try.

24th may 2013-6

24th may 2013-2



Wet n Wild

Last Saturday saw some pretty serious rain in London. I was out shooting with my mate Ian, all started nice n sunny, got out to Brick Lane, still sunny…. Thought it was going to be like that all day…. Wrong!

We are turning into Coffee connoisseurs lately when out shooting, more and more time is spent hunting down coffee excellence! Today we enjoyed the Brick Lane Coffee Shop, the flat whites are very nice!
So after a caffeine hit and a feed from the Moroccan stall, we headed of into the sunset (well traffic fumes) on a Boris Bike apiece. My first experience of these things, and I have to say that much as I don’t like the blonde buffoon, he’s got it spot on with the bikes. Priced very reasonably they are going to get used more often by me. Over Tower Bridge we went then parked up, and continued shooting our way up the South Bank, then the heavens opened!…. Big time! What a great summer eh! Still it made for some funny street photography, and what did I care, I was fully equipped…. Oh yes, waterproof,wind proof,breathable jacket no less, and my weather sealed Olympus OM-D!

Making use of the bridges, tunnels etc for shelter we plodded on, taking in more coffee at the famous Flat Whites coffee shop in Soho. Deelish!